Conditioned Minds Foundation

Conditioned Minds Foundation (CMF) is a tax-exempt nonprofit 501c3 organization that services the silent callings for leadership enhancement surrounding how youth prepare athletically, execute academically, and self-assess emotionally.  CMF uses a comprehensive interactive and supportive experiential approach to train students cognitive behavior by helping today’s generation regulate complex traits such as attention, risk assessments, decision making, and social skills; overall becoming more focused leaders.

CMF believes now more than ever it is our calling to be in the communities serving our youth, adults, and families.  By embedding a new sense of self confidence, structure, and leadership in our students and student-athletes, we continue our pledge to help align our mission with the current situations around the world.  CMF continues to position itself around the country as a leader in character development.  Youth are continuously inspired to be self-driven learners while being challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally to create a stronger cognitive focus on process over outcome.

Rodney Zimmerman, the visionary behind Conditioned Minds Foundation, has an intuitive and personal understanding of the power of the mind.  Rodney has taken his collective experiences, skill sets, and vision to create cutting-edge solutions that shape the body, mind, and behavior of students and athletes.

Conditioned Minds Founder

Rodney Zimmerman 

  • Mr. Colorado Basketball 1988
  • USA High School Top 50 All American
  • UCLA Basketball Collegiate Player 1990-1994
  • UCLA Graduate – Major in Political Science
  • NBA Detroit Pistons 
  • Europe Basketball Player
  • Non-Profit Program Manager (Manuel Arts High School, Los Angeles – Developed and oversaw leadership, reading program, counselor program, music, and art program for 120 High School students and 60 Middle School students)
  • National Motivator/Guest Speaker
  • Conditioned Minds Founder & Curriculum Director
  • Athletic Director (over 13 years experience)
  • Developed Assessdo (Assessment software designed to clean up patterns of behavior in people, communities, and organizations, while offering tools to recognize self awareness, and improve relationships all while learning methodologies.)


Assessing Situations

Shaping standards
Conduct & communication

Strategic Analysis

Identifying weaknesses
Athletic leadership

Mission & Vision

Creating process framework
Goals & vision achievement

Functional Needs

Initiatives to strategic plans
Understanding ownership


Goals towards objectives
Strategic planning