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Conditioned Minds
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 by Kenya Pettiford (Parent)

Since participating in one of your Conditioned Minds Basketball Program, my son Keson has been flourishing. Not only did he learn more about the game of basketball, but he learned discipline and focuses better. Keson has also gained confidence and is very outgoing. He is participating in a number of different programs and clubs at high school and outside of high school.

Thank you for taking time out to care, guide and coach my son to be not only a better basketball player but to be better young man.

 by Matt Alston (Participant)

After spending over two years training with Conditioned Minds, I can say without hesitation that it is one of the best programs I've had the pleasure to be a part of. In no other program will you develop as much as a player, a leader, and a person.

The unique approach of Conditioned Minds of training both the body and mind leads to what I believe are unparalleled results. Can't recommend highly enough!

 by Barbara Cole (Parent)

Conditioned Minds Leadership Program is like no other. It combines sports, school and daily living challenges to teach teens how to excel. Being good or great at something does not mean you are excelling, learning or being a leader. Facing challenges, overcoming obstacles, working towards goals and setting a good example for your peers is what makes one a successful leader.

 by Avis Johnson (Parent)

I am humbly writing this letter to thank you and the mentors of Conditioned Minds mentoring group for the lasting impact they have made on my sons lives. I have seen my boys continue to grow and be positive successful young men. They have learned to keep strong relationships not only with family, but also with teachers, peers and other adults. They have learned to enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence in striving to reach goals whether educational or personal. The relationship formed between my young men and the mentors will have a lasting effect and it will contribute to a host of future benefits for them. I felt it was important that they developed strong guiding values, principles, and high standards and conditioned minds was a big part in that development. Their dedication and determination continued to soar. I greatly appreciate the time and effort your program took to help mold our youth into successful and productive individuals that are our future.


Avis Johnson

 by Joshua Jacobson (Participant)

I just wanted to thank you for all of the coaching and guidance you have given me through the years. I remember when we first started training in Decatur with Matthew and even though I was always smaller you wanted me to always compete with him. Then to Emory where I was up against again older competition you always expected me to compete with them and at a higher level than them because you instilled a hunger inside of me. I also remember when we were in the karate gym and you were toughening me up with the pad when I was shooting Layups and I remember thinking how could I have gotten so weak but once again you built me back up. I appreciate all the work you have done for me and all of the time you have put into my basketball game and my life off the court which included times when I would run on the treadmill and have to read letters off the board. You were the best coach/trainer I could ever ask for because you cared about your players on and off the court. I wanted to be the first to let you know that I am more than likely going to attend Indiana university in hopes of getting a degree in busines. I credit much of my success to you. Also thank you for still keeping in touch with me and my family even once we stopped training. It has meant to so much to me to have your support through the years. I wish you much success in the future and I wanted you to know that what you are doing for the basketball and sports community is greatly appreciated.

 by Pam & Joel Palmer (Parents)

We are Pam and Joel Palmer, and we have lived in Lilburn, Georgia, since 1989. We have five children, a daughter and four sons, ages ranging from 18 to 30. Our two youngest sons, Nathan and Christopher, have had the honor and privilege of being mentored and trained by Coach Rodney Zimmerman for the past 13 years. Coach Zimmerman is an excellent mentor and trainer. He really cares for our sons as evidenced by his attendance at many of their games at his own expense (home and away), and his constant communication with us about their progress and plans for the future. Coach Zimmerman always stresses the importance of character development, academics, and community service. Coach Zimmerman also stresses the need to look beyond basketball for contentment and fulfillment. Coach Zimmerman is a firm trainer. After our son, Nathan, attended his first training session with Coach Zimmerman, he did not want to go back, but he did and was later glad that he did because it taught him to never give up, even when the odds of losing were quite high. Our son, Christopher, wants to become a college basketball coach, and we give most of the credit for Christopher’s desire to be a coach to Coach Zimmerman. Words cannot describe the admiration, respect, and trust that we have for Coach Zimmerman pouring his life into our sons and the lives of other young men and women.

 by Scott Jacobson (Parent)

My son, Joshua, met Rodney Zimmerman at an Emory basketball camp when he was eight years old. He was immediately attracted to his coaching style emphasizing the whole person and not just the athlete. Joshua has trained with Rodney for several years and it greatly improved his basketball game on the court, particularly the mental side of the game. More than that, Rodney taught Joshua how to be a complete person. He helped Joshua to become a better student in school and to be active in his community in a positive way. Joshua is now a senior in high school and has been accepted to many prestigious colleges. Much of his success can be traced to the training and guidance of Rodney Zimmerman.