The P3 Experience Physically Train The Mindset

Physically Train The Mindset


  1. Identifies the idea that brainpower is not a fixed mindset but has the ability to either limit abilities or set them free to explore their potential.
  2. Demonstrates how to create a phase of change that allows abilities to throw out old behaviors and adopt new ones.
  3. Identifies a positive process to reach potential goals of processing preparation, action, and maintenance to shift interpretation of outcomes.
  4. Identifies positive outcomes by taking inventory and shifting perspectives.

P3 Course Design

Opening Activity:

  • Aerobic Preparation

Experiential Activities:

  1. Reaction Time & Decision-Making Analysis:
    • Use tools like reaction time games that challenge you to quickly evaluate options and make decisions.
    • Incorporate activities that require split-second decision-making, such as sports that demand quick reactions like basketball or tennis.
  2. Cognitive Performance Evaluation:
    • Engage in exercises that target different cognitive functions:
      • Memory: Practice memorization techniques.
      • Attention: Use mindfulness exercises to improve focus and attention span.
      • Processing Speed: Solve interactive puzzles or play games that require quick mental calculations.
      • Problem-solving: Solve interactive complex puzzles or riddles regularly.
  3. Situational Awareness Assessments:
    • Participate in scenario-based training exercises where you must anticipate risks or opportunities.
    • Practice mindfulness in daily activities to heighten awareness of your surroundings and social dynamics.
  4. Visual-Spatial Awareness Assessments:
    • Engage in activities that challenge your spatial awareness:
      • Play spatial reasoning games.
      • Practice navigation in unfamiliar environments.
  5. Analytical Adaptability:
    • Solve problems using different approaches to enhance adaptability.
    • Engage in activities that require flexible thinking, such as brainstorming sessions or improvisational acting.