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The Power Inside of YOU

Power of  the U In yoU?

Bringing together the power of U in You brings a deeper meaning of understanding self. This power draws instruction continually back to the significance of real life application.  The Power of the U inside of You includes a user analysis of inner strength development, self control, responsive and reflective skills, life skill development (time management, preparation, follow through, and positive emotion to self-esteem), problem solving (re-balancing the imagination, critical thinking skills, and dealing with stressful environments), and college prep. The core identifiers of this power includes 1) Usefulness; 2) Uniqueness; 3) Unselfishness; and 4) Understanding.

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The Power of the U

Conditioned Minds Foundation is delivering four powers of the U inside of YOU. These powers you have now inherited include Usefulness; Uniqueness; Unselfishness; and Understanding. Each day when challenges arise, use these powers to embrace your purpose. These powers will not only help you navigate through moments of uncertainty, but will also help as you develop other skillsets defining who you will become.

The Power of Usefulness

"U" can always be useful. How you achieve your happiness is defined by the power of your usefulness. Your compassion will make a difference.

The Power of Uniqueness

"U" are the only one of a kind. Your uniqueness is defined by your attitude, your personality, and your aptitude. They see something different in you.

The Power of Unselfishness

"U" do not put yourself first. Your generosity and kindness are unmatched. You show your power by volunteering and practicing patience.

The Power of Understanding

"U" have an understanding of your fears, failures, and faith.  You understand the strength to cope with adversity while finding meaning in loss and trauma.

Use these powers for good, for you hold the key to your opportunities, preparations, and processes. While you may not be able to control the outcome, you must remain disciplined and use positive communication. I wish you all the best on your journey.