Im Going To And Im Brining Social Connection Activity

I'm Going To And I'm Bringing Activity:

  • This is a guessing game.
  • Team leaders work together to tag off of one another
  • Split the students into 3 - 4 groups
  • Team leader #1 gives the first clue by saying, "I am going to" ... " (team leader #2 fills that in)
  • Team leader #1 then says, "and I am bringing" .,,, (give the first letter of the word you are thinking about)
  • Participants then try to guess the word by saying, "I'm going to" ... " and I'm bringing" (say the word)
  • If they guess correctly, the leader(s) says, "Yes, you can come," but if they guess incorrectly, the leader says, "No, you can't come."
  • The first group of students to reach 10 correct answers wins.