Team Coaching Clinics

Team & Executive Coaching Clinics

CMF provides clinics crafted to remove cognitive barriers and reintegrate effective team techniques into your everyday formulas for success.


CMF Clinics Are Offered For Executives, Area Workforces, & Sports Teams

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Course Design Process

  • 1 day, 3 day, or week long program to help focus and refocus mental and physical aspects in a team setting.
  • Clinics are intense in nature as they expose weaknesses before teams are faced with unresolvable situations.
  • Reports provided at the end of each clinic allows stakeholders to better understand individual and team goals, adaptive behaviors and risk analysis.
  • Our approach is to plant the seed for the kind of mind-set permeated in the elite team.
  • Clinic tiers include sets of thresholds to set the direction for everything that is to follow.
  • Each clinic implements the think championships, practice like a champion, and play like champs mental techniques.
  • Clinics are guaranteed to develop the right attitude, effort, and overall effectiveness of a team mentality.
  • Our clinics provide you the opportunity to go into detail concerning goals and necessary next action steps.
  • Our results transform teams into a more productive, coachable, and outcome specific groups.