Leadership Courses

Seminars & Workshops

Our leadership course seminars and workshops connect student athletes to environment and situation, ability to see processes over outcomes, and driven positive results by creating individual purpose, vision, and perseverance.  Whether it is social self image including creating healthy relationships and developing stronger communication / decision making skills, or social emotional concerns including handling stress and anxiety; the Global Leaders program provides an incredible platform for individual growth within each participant through each seminar and workshop.  Throughout the year, the program provides monthly age appropriate online interactive seminars genuinely focused on developing stronger mental and emotional student athletes. 

Educational Preparation Seminars

Model For Successful Study Habits

Understand what is needed to reach major milestones this year socially, academically, and athletically.

Stronger Relationships Through Adult Mentorship

Both student athletes and parents will learn how and why it is important to monitor emotions over behavior; how to become stronger role models for one another by living in respect; and how limiting distractions of social media and technology help communication.

Healthy Relationships

Student-athletes will understand true internet safety, bullying, and communication skill development. Create a safe and secure learning environment all while dealing with social, athletic, and adult pressures.

Community Development Workshops

Pathways Out of Absenteeism

A discussion on the behavioral expectations and reactions student-athletes may have based on ineffective communication skills and by allowing technology to directly affect brain development.

Developing Stronger Communities

Taking time to have open discussions about each participants local communities. Student-athletes have an opportunity to put all thoughts and concerns on the table, identifying one lead problems and discussing various solutions. Student-athletes will construct a plan of attack to present to a city representative who may help in moving each participants proposal forward. 

Addressing Individual & Community Conflict

A discussion between the tension surrounding individual interests, community development, and the conflicts that arise.

Connecting Mentors & Mentees

Connect with others through backgrounds, developmental goals, specific topical interests, locations, experiences, and needs by allowing to be paired with a community mentee.

Attack The Problem Areas

Student-athletes will choose a project which directly supports a common community initiative. Participants will learn how to reinvent, rebuild, and revive relationships as they deals directly with communication, planning, and follow through.

Mental Preparation Seminars

Building Your Character

Understand the media effects on body image, self-esteem and courage in order to get back up, power to believe in self, and confidence to make healthy choices.

Changing Inner Culture Alters Individual  Journeys

Gain understanding of how inner culture from technology affects athletic culture and verbal communication in a step by step process. Understand how to engage in face to face communication skills in order to gain better perspective and create a winning athletic leadership role.

Brand Equity

Understand how to use social media as a platform to catapult athletic opportunities in middle and high school, as well as both college searches and future employment.

Create A Professional Pathway

Create a roadmap towards aspirations. Student-athletes now have an opportunity to choose a pathway and gain comprehensive understanding of how to create a workable action plan. 

Recruitment Processes: A New Community Called College

Interactive discussion for student-athletes and parents on NCAA guidelines, academic high school standards, SAT/ACT preparation, and how to align future aspirations financially, academically, socially, and in the community. Receive firsthand steps necessary to building individual student-athletic resumes.

Preparing For Independence

Learn how to establish and use personal finances to gain independence.