Leadership Courses

Our leadership course seminars and workshops connect what some student athletes may think to be the impossible (i.e. based on their environment or situation), with those unsure of the unknown (ability to see processes over outcomes), to create a driven positive result through individual purpose, vision, and perseverance.  Our leadership seminars and workshops attack the social emotional issues many of our student athletes are facing.  Whether it is social self image including creating healthy relationships and developing stronger communication / decision making skills, or social emotional issues dealing with emotional trauma, handling stress and anxiety; the Global Leaders program provides an incredible platform for individual growth within each participant through each leadership course opportunity.  Throughout the year, the program provides monthly age appropriate sessions both online and in person.  Our zoom online interactive seminars and small in person group workshop sessions are genuinely focused on developing stronger mental and emotional student athletes.  Each participant also receives a 1 on 1 leadership interactive session upon their request.

Social & Self-Image

Character Building

Understand the media’s effects on your body image, self-esteem and courage to get back up, power to believe in self, and confidence to make healthy choices.

Create Healthy Relationships

Understand true internet safety, bullying, and communication skill development. Create your own safe and secure learning environment all while dealing with social, athletic, and parent pressures.

Developing Stronger Communities

Taking time to research and have open discussions about your local communities, participants will have an opportunity to put all thoughts and concerns on the table, identifying one lead problem and discussing various solutions. Construct a plan of attack to present to a city representative who may help in moving your proposal forward.

Understanding Dating & Violence Awareness

Participants and parents will learn the definition of dating violence, the risk factors, and how to stop violence in relationships.

Create Your Social Athletic Resume

Understand how to use social media as a platform to catapult your athletic opportunities in middle and high school, as well as both college searches and future employment.

Time Management

The importance of time management, prioritizing, and making the most of your minutes in a day.

College Prep

Preparing for a New Community Called College

Interactive discussion for you and your parents on NCAA guidelines, academic high school standards, SAT/ACT preparation, and how to align your future financially, academically, socially, and in the community. Receive first hand steps necessary to building your resume.

SAT/ACT Prep Seminars

Preparing for the SAT/ACT involves early preparation. Our SAT/ACT prep seminars are led by SAT/ACT tutors and coordinators and are designed to help with study techniques, methods and material necessary to prepare for test taking.

Identifying the Right Degree to Attack In College

Some heavy questions come into play when considering the right degree. Will my major interfere with my athletics schedule? What are some of the most popular majors for athletes on your team? Does your team have a full-time academic advisor? Do your players graduate in four years?

Financial Literacy

Basic Financial Literacy

Making money is important and there is an art to budgeting, especially in preparation for living on your own. This session will help you assess your personal and financial situation, set personal and financial goals, create a budget for fixed and variable expenses, monitor current spending, compare your budget to what you have actually spent, and review financial progress and revise budget amounts.

Preparing for Personal Financial Success

This session will help in opening checking or savings accounts, making deposits, writing checks, and keeping a bank statement. You will also learn the nuances of electronic banking, fees, interest, and restrictions towards building financial stability. Introduction of App Greenlight.

Financial Competency for Living on Your Own

It’s never too early to understand how things will be in the future. This session dives into living on your own with a personal and financial goal, preparing for income against your lifestyle, fixed expenses, flexible expenses, moving costs, moving-in costs, and the cost of setting up your house (your mental, financial, and physical infrastructure).

Building Your Credit

This session is important to help each of you understand how to build your credit, why credit is important, and the dangers of credit. We will cover advantages (don’t need to carry cash, allow you to buy items needed, and more convenient than writing a check) and disadvantages (interest, additional fees, increased impulse to buy). We will cover the 3 C’s including 1) character – will you repay the debt, 2) capital – what if you don’t repay the debt, and 3) capacity – can you repay the debt. Building a credit history is important in the long run and this session will cover that and so much more.

The Credit Card Legacy

Credit cards have many pros and cons. When you apply for a credit card, you need to be aware of what you are getting into including APR’s, grace periods, annual fees, transaction fees, and balancing computation methods. This session will discuss all of that and in addition credit limits, credit card do’s and don'ts, how widely credit cards are accepted, and what services and features are available with a credit card. Learn which credit card is best for you, when you should apply, and when you should use credit cards to begin building your credit.