CMF Service Community Based Projects

Our Service Community Based Projects give every participant an opportunity to make an impact.

Global Leaders community examination includes a variety of areas supporting our local, national, and worldwide initiatives.  Global Leaders will reinvent starting at home, rebuild within their community, and revive relationships that deal directly with youth and families.  Participants will be involved in annual causes and effort projects including: community projects (taking an active role in making a difference in a community); national causes (reconnecting a bigger cause and collaborating with other initiatives); and worldwide enlightenment project s(volunteering time and services).

Global Leaders understand that the most powerful lesson is the knowledge and a love of service.  Participants do not plan their involvement in the community solely by their minds, but rather by their interactive spirit.  Global Leaders choose causes that tap into their community while allowing talents, skills, and abilities to raise awareness to local needs by organizing outreach events that support selected organizations.

Our Global Leaders participants are service leaders and bridge-builders. They are the positive images of their schools. While striving for excellence, we place our participants into the service model of mentorship. They are required to be proactive in helping lead their peers towards better decision making. Many of our Global Leaders begin their own program whether it is at a school, organization, or any other outlet which would allow them the opportunity to work with their peers in a structured environment.

Potential Projects Include:

Small Group Fundraising Project

Starting School or Community Program

Addressing Individual & Community Conflict

Individual Service Projects

Designing Mentor / Mentee Program

Attacking Local Community Problem Areas

Potential Projects Include:

Combatting Discrimination Against Individuals And Groups

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

Peer Advocacy

Education & Social Services

Potential Projects Include:

Social Economic Development

Human Rights & Access To Justice

Food Security