CMF Service Community Based Projects

Service Community Based Projects Giving Participants An Opportunity To Make An Impact

Global Leaders community examination includes a variety of areas supporting local, national, and worldwide initiatives.  Global Leaders reinvent starting at home, rebuild within their community, and revive relationships that deal directly with youth and families.  Participants are involved in community projects (taking an active role in making a difference in a community); national causes (reconnecting a bigger cause and collaborating with other initiatives); and worldwide enlightenment project s(volunteering time and services.  

Each student-athlete is a service leader and bridge-builder.  Participants choose causes that tap into their community while allowing talents, skills, and abilities to raise awareness.  Global Leaders are the positive images within their schools. While striving for excellence, each participant receives a service model of mentorship and is required to be proactive in helping lead their peers towards better decision making. 

Community Development w/ NBA Star & Humanitarian Dikembe Mutombo


Conditioned Minds Global Leaders program is thrilled to have Dikembe Mutombo (NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Player) as the face of our community leadership excellence. Aligning the values of Global Leaders, Dikembe's vision to help others expands worldwide. From Africa to Israel, Thailand to Dubai, or the United States to a global platform, we are proud to lean on Dikembe's understanding of bringing the world together. Athletics plays such a crucial role in overall child development. By teaming up with Dikembe, the Global Leaders program offers student athletes in both the United States and overseas an incredible opportunity to expand their knowledge and make change around the world with the strength many young people never dreamed of having. Through empathy and understanding, the student athletes in Conditioned Minds Global Leaders are designing their platform of leadership, growing opportunities to continue on into post secondary education, while using sports as a tool to make change.

Potential Projects Include:

Small Group Fundraising Project

Starting School or Community Program

Addressing Individual & Community Conflict

Individual Service Projects

Designing Mentor / Mentee Program

Attacking Local Community Problem Areas

Potential Projects Include:

Combatting Discrimination Against Individuals And Groups

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

Peer Advocacy

Education & Social Services

Potential Projects Include:

Social Economic Development

Human Rights & Access To Justice

Food Security