CMF Global Leaders College Prep

College Prep

The college prep element offers an array of activities that reinforce the efforts of each individual going to college. A comprehensive guide plan is executed within Global Leaders by each participant to ensure that they are on the path academically to go to college. While we compliment each participants goal of being a productive athlete, we take exclusive steps towards making sure that our participants remain the "alphas" at their respective schools in an educational setting.

Global Leaders Program allows participants to attain advanced skill opportunities by exploring various possibilities of connecting athletics and academics with life skills. As explained in a report by the Higher Education Organization, “High school diplomas, college-preparatory curriculums, and high school exit examination scores do not ensure college readiness. Improving college readiness must be an essential part of national and state efforts to increase college attainment.” In today’s collegiate market, the most well rounded individuals are those with a high school diploma, college prep curriculum, high grade point average, high test scores, and the “extras”. Those “extras” are why every Global Leaders participant goes on to college with some type of scholarship.

7th - 9th Grade - Defining Direction

Our 7th - 9th grade Global Leaders research opportunities to get involved in a sport, school club, music, or community volunteer activity. They begin to understand finances and financial planning for college as well.

10th Grade - Transformative Learning

Our Global Leaders take the PSAT to practice for the SAT or PLAN assessment for ACT, research the facts about college options, and look for factors offered which fit their academic and career visions.

11th Grade - Decision Making

At this stage, our Global Leaders have developed lists of colleges and investigated scholarship & financial aid programs, with many scheduling their own appointments to attend a college fair in the Fall or Winter.

12th Grade - Progressive Leadership

Our 12th grade Global Leaders are on track for college and have assessed grades, test scores, credits, and community service projects to help them get into the schools of their choice.

College Is An Option

The Global Leaders program understands that many youth today are not preparing for college in 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. The anxiety and stress is on the rise both in athletic and academic performance. Cramming everything in while trying to make tough decisions, we know there is no time like the present to get started on the pathway to college. Every Global Leader follows our program road map aggressively. Students interested in pursuing excellence have an opportunity to get ahead by participating in the Global Leaders program.