CMF Global Leaders Questions And Answers



Offering a roadmap for each young student-athlete to go to college:  There are nearly 8 million students participating in high school athletics, and only 16% participate in NCAA athletics.  There is no longer an average.  There is an emphasis on the individual; many times sacrificing talent for great attitudes.  Practice begins before practice, and does not end when the official practice is over.

Our participants work harder, listening to the instruction; adding a new dimension, while playing the game the right way on the court, the field, in the community, and in the classroom.  The workout for a Global Leader is their work ethic, defined by becoming the understanding (also known as the “U”) within self.  Because of these values, corrective criticism is only embodied around positive motivation. 

Guiding and inspiring the possibility that each student-athlete owns their responsibility:  An educational, leadership, and team building opportunity to develop the work ethic to exceed the standard of your child.  Global Leaders aligns its services to individual outcomes; pathways to stronger comprehension; management of academic planning; cognitive development to enhance athletics; and a 100% guarantee each student athlete will raise their level of performance in sports and in the classroom by owning their moment.  Figuring things out while developing independent strategies is our process to owning ones understanding.

Creating the mental toughness:   The legacy of our Global Leaders begins with concentration techniques; learning how to react without overreacting; balancing the mind to teach the body how to kick into another gear; taking the mental toughness out of decision making; creating the mental keys to consistency; creating peak performance through training balance; and teaching each participant how to reach their legacy by steering towards more effective achievement zones.

The legacy for a Global Leader includes the desire for success, practicing harder than practice, where talent is earned, and never settled on. A Global Leaders patience and determination builds their successful character legacy. A legacy created, strong enough to try while trusting instincts for success, never saving today’s hardest work for tomorrow.